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Flexible LED Solderless Connectors Installation - DIY Tips

Solderless Connectors for Flexible LED Strip

1 - Find the top of the connector by looking at the black locking device. Notice the space where the strip goes in. It is in the shape of a square "U". The top of the connector is the top of the "U".

2 - First pull the black locking device on connector in the direction away from the wires. Be gentle, as pulling too hard can break the locking device off.

3 - Peel back the adhesive liner on the back side of the strip about 1/4". Slide Flexible LED Strip into connector.

4 - Push locking device to secure the flexible LED strip in place. You are now ready to connect to your power supply or to another piece of flexible LED Strip.


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Power Supply & DC Coaxial Connector (Female)
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