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Cutting Edge Under Cabinet Solutions Hit the Marketplace By Force

LED Distributors emerges as the residential and commercial "go-to" company for affordable and customizable under cabinet lighting.

Stanton, CA (PRWEB) March 13, 2011 -- Stanton, CA: Contractors and homeowners alike are lining up to get the latest technology in home lighting. The old ways of lighting under cabinets, work spaces, and task areas are giving way to new LED technology. Daniel Alvarez, co-founder of LED Distributors explains, "The manners in which we light our homes have become a lot more simple, efficient, and stylish in the last two years. We are constantly innovating new ways to incorporate new LED technologies that help our customers improve their living spaces and save on their electrical costs. Our clients constantly thank us and keep returning! You can't beat that." This week, LED Distributors is launching their new line of fully customizable and beautifully designed LED Under Cabinet Light Bars.

The future of home lighting: LED under cabinet lighting uses 85% less energy than traditional lighting applications. As fluorescent and incandescent lighting become obsolete, new and elegant LED lighting solutions are quickly being introduced. Equipped with top of the line Edison or Cree LEDs, the 2011 LED Under Cabinet Lights are among the brightest and durable of their kind. They come complete with a beautifully brushed silver or black finish, easy-install connectors, and securing brackets. Customers can choose from pure white or warm white to match any decor or mood. Along with the installation guide, all LED Under Cabinet Lights come with a 2-year Warranty.

LED Distributors sell LED lighting for commercial and residential applications. Their assembly and distribution center is located four miles west of Disneyland in Stanton, California. Even though the company has grown substantially since its creation in 2008, the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and offer superior customer service. LED Distributors have positioned themselves in the forefront of the LED lighting wave by providing fully customizable easy to install LED lighting solutions at affordable prices. They have assisted thousands of customers in their projects by providing how-to and DIY videos on their company website.

For anyone thinking about customizing their kitchen with this cutting edge technology, please visit .

Press Contact
Brent Mauriello
11033 Dale Avenue
Stanton, CA 90680


Can Two Brothers Change 25 Billion Bulbs?

ORANGE COUNTY, Ca. – January 25 – Two brothers living in Orange County, California never thought that their long conversations about the environment, ecology and solar power, would turn into a business venture. They were hesitant at first, but everyone they spoke with had the same concerns. So they decided to start LED Distributors and months later the orders are pouring in.

“We started this business to try to make a difference”, stated Robert Alvarez who created LED Distributors with his brother Daniel. “We consider ourselves a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company. I think our customers appreciate that.”

Both brothers had worked in the electronics industry and were familiar with LED lighting. They had also developed relationships with quality suppliers. They had what they needed and LED Distributors was formed in 2008. LED Distributors started by offering products such as LED Lights on a flexible strip which are ideal for under cabinet and under counter installations. They also have an assortment of MR16 and GU10 Light bulbs. These money saving bulbs use very little electricity to power them. In fact they only use 3 watts of power each in comparison to halogen bulbs, which use 50 watts.

Robert stated, “I had a conversation with a customer the other day and I said to him: Count the number of bulbs you have in your home. On average a home may have 25 bulbs. Now imagine all the homes in the world with maybe 25 billion bulbs. If we could just change all of them to LED Bulbs the reduction in energy consumption would be tremendous.”

The LED bulb market is changing drastically. Every month new companies spring up with new innovations. The color and brightness of these bulbs are getting better. The price is coming down and is now becoming competitive with other lighting options. Quality is a concern as many bulbs are being imported from China. LED Distributors has a strict approval policy with their suppliers. Many new suppliers approach them every month. Daniel stated, “We have strict requirements for our suppliers. We want to make sure that our customers are getting a quality product in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.”

LED Distributors seems to be on the road to success. They have really connected with their customers by not only offering quality products but also offering products that are socially responsible. It’s sounds impossible, but LED Distributors really believe they can change 25 billion bulbs.

LED Distributors is a company offering efficient lighting solutions for home and business. They offer energy efficient LED Lighting Products and hope to offer other energy saving products as well. You can visit the LED Distributors web site at www.leddistributors.net or call 714-930-3398. They can also be reached on Skype: leddistributors



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