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PL250 Portable LED Light

The PL250 Portable LED Light is a great solution for quick setups at any event. Just place in a discreet place, turn on and set the color with the remote control. No more having to run wires and cables under tables and chairs. The PL250 measures 10" x 6" x 3.25"and can be easily concealed. They are rechargeable and will last more than 7 hours on one charge. Included with the PL250 is a remote control with which you can easily change colors of the lights to suit your moods. By not having to run cables, liability issues are eliminated.


- Behind Bar to Light Bottles
- Inside Acrylic Cocktail Stand
- Liability Protection
- Display Cases
- Party Rental Income
- No More Accidental Triping over Cables
- No Accidental Disconnection of Cables
- 7 hours on one Charge
- Completely Self Contained

portable led light box

Remote Control
Two LED Light Unit
Power Cord (For Recharging)
rgb light box


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