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DIY Tips !

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What You'll Need..

1 - Flexible LED Strip
2 - Power Supply, 4 amp
3 - DC Coaxial Jack
4 - 24 gauge Wire
5 - Mounting Sleeve (optional)

LED Lighting Installation - DIY Tips

LED Under Counter Light Installation

1 - Measure the length of the under counter where you will install the flexible LEDs. Measure and cut the clear channel (raceway). You can attach the clear channel with a staple gun or double sided tape.

measure undercabinet attach led flex strip channel

2 - Slide the Flexible LED strip into the clear channel. Mount Power supply under the counter. Attach Positive (+) and Negative (-) lead wires to powersupply.

attach led powersupply

3 - Plug in power supply and invite your friends over for a party.

light up led flex strip


Flexible LED Light Strip
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Color Changing RGB Flexible LED Light Strip Price

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