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LED Home Lighting

LED Touch Dimmer

NEW LED Touch Dimmer

The LED Touch Dimmer uses a touch technique allowing it to function as an on/off switch and a dimmer. Can dim 12V/24V DC such as LED under cabinet lights, LED rigid bar, flexible LED strip and LED light panels

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12V LED Dimmer with RF Remote

12V LED Dimmer with RF Remote

Universal single color LED Dimmer can dim any 12V DC LED products from 0 to 100% using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuit. Maximum load is 8 Amps, with spring terminal connectors for power in and out connections.

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LED Dimmer

LED Dimmer
12 Volts DC, 8 amp

LEDs must be dimmed using a LED dimmer. If you try to use a regular dimmer you could damage the LEDs. This dimmer is perfect for dimming your Flexible LED Strip. It is easy to install and you can use it with any of the colors that we sell. You can mount it "as is" with four screws, or remove the cover and flush mount to wall or hide it inside a cabinet.

led mounting sleeve

Mounting Sleeve
Clear-Water Resistant

This clear water resistant sleeve protects your investment and makes installation simple. It has flaps so that you can staple, use brads or nails to attach to any surface. Use this for under cabinet LED Lighting, under counter LED Lighting or any other installations. Our mounting sleeve is IP64 and offers protection from moisture, spills and dust. It is recommended for protection against that greasy film buildup that accumulates in kitchen under cabinets. All of our Flexible LED Strip will fit into the sleeve.


Channel Profile for LED Lights

Channel Profiles

We have a variety of channel profiles for LED Flexible strips. You can use our aluminum channels to create custom fixtures in any length you desire. Imagine a custom fixture that fits your under cabinets exactly.

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Double Sided Tape

Acrylic Double Sided Tape

The double sided tape works great with the flaps on the mounting sleeve to provide a clean and permanent install. It's strong adhesive backing will ensure that your installation is secure.

24 gauge wire

24 Gauge
Stranded Wire

A set of 12" black and red stranded wire. This wire is ideal for custom installations and recommended for use with the LED Flex Strip and DC Jack. We also have all white wire and all black wire in pairs.

24 gauge wire

LED Drivers & Power Supply

Our power supply & drivers, can be used in any LED lighting project. The input is 120VAC and output is 12VDC. Can be used for under cabinet lights, puck lights, and or flexible LED strips.


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