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What You Will Need:

1 - Flexible LED Strip
2 - Power Supply
3 - DC Coaxial Jack
4 - 24 gauge Wire
5 - Mounting Sleeve (optional)
6 - Solderless Connectors (optional)

Flexible LED Lights are GREAT for underneath cabinets and under kitchen counters and are easy to use!

We specialize in the latest in LED lighting, and our LED flexible light strips are the easiest! They are energy efficient, extra BRIGHT lighting strips and are easy to place just about ANYWHERE! No need for those wasteful, toxic fluorescents bulbs or inadequate incandescent light bulbs - LED lights are your energy efficient alternative. No previous experience is needed to install your new lighting.

LED Cover Lighting

LED Under Cabinet Lights in NY

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All of the 12V Flexible LED Strips we carry come on an easy-to-use flexible circuit with a convenient 3M adhesive backing. Our LED flex strips are almost completely customizable, they come in lengths from 2 inches and longer, and can be placed almost anywhere. Simply cutting along the line on the flexible LED light strip to make it the desired length or any project. These LED lights are ideal for all sorts of applications as they are easy to use, very durable, completely energy efficient, and practically maintenance free. Our flexible LED Light Strips are rated for approximately 50,000 hours!

Other projects that Flexible LED Strips can be used for:

Pure White 5000k
Part# LD1005-PWHT

Pure White 5000k

These pure white flexible LED Strips are 5000k color temperature. These top selling LED lights are very popular in residential applications such as accent lighting and under kitchen cabinets, under your breakfast counter or bar.

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Warm White 3000k
Part# LD1006-WWHT

Warm White 3000k

Our warm white flexible led strip is 3000k color temperature. These top selling LED lights are very popular in residential applications such as accent lighting and under kitchen cabinets, under your breakfast counter or bar.

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HID Super Bright
Pure White 5000k

Part# LD1010-SB-PWHT

Super Bright Flexible LED Strip Pure White 5000k

This Super Bright flexible LED strip is an excellent source for task lighting, which is perfect for lighting a workstation or office space. The total output is 5100 lumens per 16 ft reel. Very bright and uses only about 4 watts per foot.

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HID Super Bright
Warm White 3000k

Part# LD1011-SB-WWHT

Super Bright Flexible LED Strip Warm White 3000k

Also offering super bright lighting, which is an excellent option for task lighting. They use only 4 watts per foot and are excellent for under cabinet and under counters.

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Flexible LED Strip - Colors

Part# LD1002-BLUE

Blue Flexible LED Strip

Our Blue Flexible LED strip is excellent for adding a vivid color to any space. These will really stand out in a garden, under cars, motorcycle lights, or use them in restaurant and bar lighting.

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Part# LD1003-GRN

Green Flexible LED Strip

Our green bright LED flexible strips can accent products, add backlighting to TVs, light up bars and clubs, or add a theme to a party. Enhance your St. Patrick's Day party with them and easily remove them when you're done.

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Part# LD1007-AMB

Amber (Yellow) Flexible LED Strip

These Amber LEDs have a yellow-amber color to them. They are beautiful and can be used for patio lighting, display cases, lighting up bottles or figurines from underneath, and more!

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Part# LD1001-RED

Red Flexible LED Strip

This fiery Red LED is perfect for a place that you want to accentuate your passionate side. Add an incredible accent to your restaurant, signage, commercial property or home.

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